: Not starting/stalling after re-fueling

06-21-13, 11:12 PM
2004 6 cyl SRX (Calif Emissions) usually runs fine except after refueling when it does not want to start. To get it to start, must pump the accelerator pedal (yes, it's true). It will then usually start but run roughly and continually stall unless you drive w/2 feet and keep RPMs high (1500+ RPM). Even then it runs very rough and smells of over-fueling. This problem "self-improves" over the next 25-50 miles. During this period, it throws an overfueling code and bad O2 sensor code for one of the banks. Also, noted that the idle RPM increases from a normal 600 RPM to about 750 RPM - possibly due to slight over-fueling.

Could this be due to a bad evap emissions control solenoid or faulty charcoal canister? How about the line between tank and canister? Car has 127K miles and these parts have never been serviced. Where on the car is the charcoal canister? What is the easiest way to get at it? Is the solenoid valve at the aft end of the 1-3-5 bank?

Have recently replaced mass airflow sensor (first replacement at 125 K miles) and previously 3 of the 4 O2 sensors.

Any thoughts most appreciated?

06-22-13, 12:21 AM
Lots of threads on this one. Typically its the purge solenoid on passenger intake manifold area really easy takes 10 mins to change part is around $30 at Autozone. Usually associated by a ticking under the hood while running. Any dtcs showing? Also believe there was a tsb related to that issue.

07-26-13, 12:17 AM
Replacing the valve solved the problem. The dealer recommend first replacing the charcoal canister for close to $900. It seemed reasonable to start with the $35 fix and only do the canister only if the valve didn't solve the problem.

07-26-13, 12:28 AM
The dealer recommend first replacing the charcoal canister for close to $900. The dealer of all people should have known the most common fix. You're in SoCal with lots of dealers to choose from...next time that you need one, try another as this one just wants to get in your wallet or is clueless.