: Sunroof air thingy

06-21-13, 08:15 PM
That little air dam thing that pops up when you open the sunroof broke. Someone said its a big project to fix, is this true? Looks like a small pop metal hook broke from the hinge area. Is this hard to fix?

06-21-13, 08:50 PM
See attached.

06-21-13, 09:01 PM
Hmm, after looking at the PDF, it's the "hooks" that are broke (what the deflector connects to. #2 on page 3). So this is not the correct PDF. I found the actual broken part.

06-21-13, 09:26 PM
I don't have a sunroof so bear with me. See attached.

06-21-13, 11:53 PM
Thanks darkman, appears that this thing will be a pain to fix

06-22-13, 12:12 AM
Same exact thing happened to me. I just took out that whole "thingy" and it seems fine. I just don't ever use my sunroof except to crack it.

06-22-13, 11:46 PM
mines been gone since I owned it and I didn't notice it. I do use my sunroof frequently, but have not had any ill effects that I'm aware of.

06-22-13, 11:54 PM
I agree. I think I will just remove it for now.