: Rad CTS-V Art/SEMA Banner

V Wagon
06-21-13, 07:01 PM
I first learned of Max Grundy, who did this piece through a friend who also does automotive art. Max was tasked with making SEMA banners, the photographer that did the burnout pics of my car is also friends with both of the automotive artists and took some shots of my car for Max to use to make the banners, as well as a few other vehicles, there will be 5 banners of similar style in all for the various sections of SEMA. There are prints available of the piece at fearisthenewbeauty.com, not trying to advertise or anything, mods can edit this if it is in appropriate, just thought it was a cool piece that others might be interested in.


06-22-13, 03:33 PM
Domain above doesn't work...

06-22-13, 03:59 PM
Nice Brad, very cool



V Wagon
06-23-13, 01:25 PM
Oops, on the link, thanks for picking up the slack, George :)

V Wagon
07-15-13, 12:23 PM
Got my print in the mail on Saturday, can't wait to get it framed. It looks awesome.

07-16-13, 12:12 AM
I bought the V poster can't wait to receive it. Love his work, if I could draw this is what I would try and create, original and beautiful. Thank You V Wagon!

07-16-13, 03:05 PM
That image on a Black T-Shirt would be awesome

V Wagon
07-16-13, 03:14 PM
I know Max is going to have a booth at SEMA and I know he does t-shirts with his art on them (and those shirts and other apparel are always sourced to be Made in the USA). In any case, there is potential for shirts to be done. I'll make sure to post here if I see that he's started putting this on shirts. But I'm betting on it being around November before we'd see that.