: northstar 32v V8 2001 eldorado engine

02-09-05, 12:23 PM
My Eldorado is just four years old, and just recently reached 21,000 miles, and after 21,000 miles, my eldorado started to burn 1.5 quarts of oil every 2,400 miles. the check oil level light would come on around this milege range. I bought this car new and right from the start, I would have the Cadillac dealer change the oil every 3,000 miles. This car is babied, never been over 80 MPH, and always in my two car garage and always in south Florida. The moment I saw the check oil level message I brought the car to the dealer, and without looking at the engine, they stated that I needed new rings and explained it was do to carbon build up etc., a known problem.
To me it seems that Cadillac new about this problem because they have a better ring that's going to replace the ones that are in it. How many 2001 eldorado northstar engines or cadillacs have had this problem, and being it is a known problem why is it not a recall or covered under warranty if the car is older than 4 years. Where and how can I get this type of information.

02-09-05, 12:58 PM
It is most likely just carbon build-up on the piston rings that is causing it to burn more oil. It isn't a major problem, it's not burning that much oil, so I wouldn't say the rings need to be replaced. Search the archives here on how to decarbon the engine. It happens on Northstars that aren't driven very hard. Usually a good couple of full throttle runs will help clear out the carbon. I wouldn't let the dealer jump to conclusion that the rings are bad until you try that! It's almost unheard of for piston rings to go bad in 21k miles. But yes, there are updated rings for the Northstar that help with the oil control, but I wouldn't think that you HAVE to have them! The engine will run fine for many years the way it was designed.

Daniel Almestica
02-09-05, 04:24 PM
I read in the archives about the oil problmes, they say the northstars eng need to be driven hard and are not to be baby. look it up!

02-09-05, 08:52 PM
This car is babied, never been over 80 MPH
And there in lies your problem. Take it out and give it a good whooping. Honestly. Put it in second gear, plant your foot on the floor and hold it there til 70 MPH, then let it back down to 50. Do it several times til you see no more smoke and carbon from the pipes. Go to the home page http://www.cadillacforums.com and click on Technical Archive. Read up on WOT. It was written by a well repsected resident GM powertrain engineer. I would try that before I would let them tear into a perfectly good motor. One reason being that they will not likely Timesert any head bolt holes that do not strip out the threads during disassembly. It is recommended that they all be Timeserted when the heads are removed to prevent threads pulling later but GM will only pay to do one with a problem. 10K miles down the road you'll be wondering why you have a bad head gasket. If you do let them do it, insist that ALL head bolt hole be Timeserted.