: Hi , not much of a title but that's it.

06-21-13, 05:28 PM
glad i found this forum, been reading on here for the past few days. And just today purchased myself a UK (rhd) cadillac SRX sport luxury 2007 with the 3.6l engine.

Only done about 40 miles in her so far , but totally loving it , full service history , first owner was General Motors so I am assuming a demo car , then been with the same local garage for the past 4 years. Only done 31,000 miles. I think she looks like new , seems to drive like it anyway.

I have come from a 2000 Ford Excursion 6.8l V10 with 8 seats and loads of room so the caddy seems quite small to me at the moment. The ride is just so much smoother. Better , and hey I averaged almost 20mpg on the way home , almost twice as much as the Excursion.

I bet the are not many members from the UK on here as Cadillac only seems to have 1 UK importer and 4 service garages from what I can find out.

Still , it's a great car and I am sure I will have loads of questions.

So I will apologise in advance for the daft questions that may come from me.

And as in the past from other forums I have been on , hope to help others in any way I can. , as I am new ,probably by my mistakes at the moment.

Knd regards


06-21-13, 05:52 PM
Hi Marcus! I am glad to know of your Cadillac purchase. We have quite a few UK and Euro members, in spite of the pitiful service/parts situation. I always admire the members from abroad for their commitment to own in the face of such obstacles.


06-21-13, 06:10 PM
Thanks for the welcome , nice to know the are a few uk/European owners on here too.

06-21-13, 06:26 PM
Greetings! That Excursion must have been costly to fill up.

06-21-13, 07:35 PM
Welcome Marcus!
We love all our friends from across the pond. We'll do our best to overlook the obvious language barrier, spelling, punctuation, grammar mistakes and what not ..... :D


06-21-13, 07:58 PM
Welcome to the Forums!

06-21-13, 08:09 PM
Hello and welcome!

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06-21-13, 11:26 PM
Welcome! :thumbsup:

06-22-13, 11:29 AM
Welcome to the forum. Lots of good people and info in here. Enjoy your stay!!

06-22-13, 10:47 PM