: Engine wont rev Bad Tranny

02-09-05, 11:34 AM
I have been having what i thought was transmission problems on my 95 STS. I started to "slip" when it shifted gears. Then It wouldn't engage into reverse. Then It would move very slowly in froward gears and not at all in reverse. Now it will just barley move in forward gears and the engine will not rev out past like 2500 3000 rpms. It is like there is a load on the engine even if it is in park or natural. Could this be some thing with the transmission or do i have engine problems also.

I have been making payment on this stupid car for over nine months and only got to drive it for about 4 or those months. I still have 27 more payments on this damn thing and now I have to put about $3000 for a new transmission and maybe some more if stupid engine work. I am sick of this car. It is nice but My $750 Subaru is a heck of a lot more reliable than this stupid thing! (sorry just had to rant)