: Anyone have Info of Chipping these cars?

06-21-13, 02:05 PM
I was talking to a guy who drives a new Charger and he said he has a chip that he can connect to the car and he gets more horse power and better gas mileage. I was wondering if anyone in here has any info about chipping the V for better horse power and gas management. He also said he can disconnect it easily before taking it to the dealer because it is still under warranty.

Anyone have a good product they can recommend?

06-21-13, 02:27 PM
no easy chip like the hypertech programmer for these cars (they're not high volume enough)

a custom tune w/ a dyno done by someone local is probably best but there are some tunes that you can get sent to you ... can't think of anywhere to point you in that regard though

06-21-13, 02:33 PM
Thanks Rippy I dont know if I would trust my car to anyone on a dyno. It would be hard for me to let her out of my sight.

06-21-13, 03:44 PM
well as i understand it you don't need a dyno tune but the dyno lets the tuner run the engine through it's full paces safely

otherwise you'd have to go out and data log some pretty high speed runs for them


other than a dyno you can sometimes get a tune that's 90% there and just data log normal daily driving and then a tuner can take your data logs and refine the tune based off of that


sounds like you probably don't want to go with a tune though if it's not an easy "handheld" solution


that's fine... these STS-Vs are plenty fast enough that you don't really need more power ... your ego might, but you really don't

06-21-13, 04:24 PM
Timmy can mail you a tune and you can have a local dealer install/dyno it. I'm saving up for a tune and CAI of his.

06-22-13, 09:07 AM
Don't quote me but last I heard once you do anything to a newer dodge you can not clear it from the computer. I have a few friends who are into diesels all of them voided there warranty the second they tuned the truck. Apparently it's not possible to tune/modify most newer dodge vehicles without the dealership knowing as soon as they hook it up for service. So I would think he's bsing about this Charger with a chip that doesn't void his warranty. I could be wrong.. Has happened before lol

06-22-13, 10:21 AM
^^^ what they said all most all new car/trucks count how many times it's been flashed so if they look they will no its been tuned. My 05 2500 I could get away with it not that a cared had the truck 1hr before I cut the exhaust off lol. But my 2011 3500 I can't do any thing to with out voiding it. So yea you friend is going to be in for a big shock if some thing goes wrong. And don't believe what the people say when you buy the tuner they don't have to deal with the deailer when your car brakes.