: tire problem - need advice

06-21-13, 11:01 AM
So last year I put 4 same size 235-60-18 continental tires on with balance and alignment at dealer. Had vibration issues, several trips to dealer, no real fix, told me 2 tires out of round and replaced.. most of the issue went away, decided to live with slight issue, 2 tires fixed most of it.

However if I rotate the 2 newest from rear to upfront, steering wheel vibration comes right back. It is mostly good with them on the back only but still slightly vibrating.

Went to continental they said they would warranty 2 more new tires. I haven't had them installed yet and heres my question. Its been 12 months and im at 9 and 10/32 all around. Being that the 2 previous replacement seem to have the issue. . Should I add 2 new in the mix with 2 old? or should I just wait, not rotate and let these suckers wear out and put michelans on? Its hard to turn down 2 warranty replacement tires, but im scared the ride will get even worse and ill be forced to replace 4 now instead of a year from now if I just stay course and deal with slight issue and no rotation.

Any advice appreciated.


06-21-13, 11:48 AM
You should continue to get free tires until none of them are bad.