: hello all new here

06-20-13, 09:53 PM
Hello everybody,
As the title says I am new here, and also the owner of a new caddy (well new ot me anyways). I just recently purchased a 1997 cadillac eldorado etc. I have always wanted one but could never afford one. I have always liked the eldorado and fianlly found one in great condition so I made the purchase. Many people have told me I am crazy because I have been told the northstar engine has many problems. This could be but right now it runs great, rides smooth, so I took the chance. I figure since I am a new owner I should probably look around for people who also own these vehicles incase I need some advice and this forum seemed to be about the most active and popular. Hopefully I will see you all on here and can strike up some good conversations. Until then you all have a great day.

06-20-13, 10:06 PM
:welcome: Jim!

06-20-13, 11:43 PM
Welcome to the Forums, Jim!

06-21-13, 08:58 AM
Hi Jim! Those Eldorados have been tempting me lately too. Beautiful cars. Post pictures when you get a chance.


06-21-13, 11:13 AM

06-21-13, 11:31 PM
Welcome Jim!

Don't worry about issues with the Northstar. Take care of her and she will return the favor!

06-22-13, 11:29 AM
Welcome to the forum. Lots of good people and info in here. Enjoy your stay!!