: Need opinions on this build... Airaid, B&B, D3 - HX, 9.5 Lower, Injectors, tune.

06-20-13, 07:09 PM
As a first time tuner I wanted to get some opinions on an upcoming build. Had the CTSV for bit over a year now with the Airaid, and B&B exhaust and made some impulse buys last night from D3 which included the pulley kit, rear skirt diffuser and rear spoiler.

I have been thinking about a lot of mods listed on this forum and with so many success stories dealing with overboosting I have finally decided to make a purchase.

Reliability is definitely my main concern; In your opinion would the mods listed below be considered a somewhat "safe" build? Again as this is my first tuning experience (drove a Toyota Land Cruiser, and Lexus GS, IS prior to the V) I just wanted to ask as many questions as possible be on the safer side for the longevity of the motor while getting a decent upgrade in power.

Airaid Intake
B&B Catback Exhaust
D3 Intercooler / Heat Exchanger
D3 9.5" Lower Pulley
D3 High PSI Injectors
D3 Lid Spacer
D3 Auto Trans Tune and Dyno Tune

Would it be a better idea to exchange the lower for a 9.0" or would the supporting mods listed be adequate enough in keeping things safe? Also has anyone tried any of these parts for themselves? or recommendations?

Has anyone ever had their cars tuned at D3? with the Auto Trans Tune have you seen a great improvement with shift execution after actually telling the car to shift?

So far with this build D3 has been extremely helpful with their recommendations however any of your input would also be greatly appreciated.

06-21-13, 01:32 AM
your planned mods should give you a pretty good boost in power and still maintain reliability. i have a manual, so i won't be able to comment on the trans tune, but the ecu tune in my car has been working for me so far. several guys in the cad challenge have the trans tune in their cads, and, to give you an idea, these guys are some of the fastest cars out on the track (research SV logs from the last Big Willow Springs event )!

what is your goal? strip/track/autox/street? this will probably make a difference on your trans tune?

good luck to you. if you happen to be local, you'll have a few choices, but i would consider having D3 do the install.