: Longest Trip you've taken with a trailer/tow load

06-20-13, 04:06 PM
I am planning a 2500 mile trip and would like to trailer a 4k lb. car on the back of the EXT...

Anyone done anything similar? How did your truck hold up?

06-20-13, 05:41 PM
I pulled a 28 Cigarette race boat home from Montana to Penna (got it in the house deal) the boat and trailer were just over 8200 lbs, it was not a fun trip, but had no truck issues, towed a 6000 lb plus snowmobile trailer all around the US and Canada without any issues, the biggest thing is watch out for really high outside temps, because depending on where you are going the mountains are tough and can cause the truck temps to get real high, most of my towing is in the cold weather, if I had to tow in the heat I would get a much larger trans cooler

06-22-13, 07:12 PM
Pulled quite a bit with mine as well. I pulled a 30ft Cougar travel trailer 8200# just around Houston area. Pulled a flatbed auto transport trailer to NE Florida & back to Houston loaded with a suicide 67 Lincoln Continental. Drove from Hou. to Albuquerque , rented a junk uhaul & pulled it loaded with a 73 Riviera 'boat tail'...hot as fire outside & trans temp gauge was on the dash the whole time. As hcvone said, trans did get HOT...highest was 218 leaving Abq. there was a few nice inclines the Lade had to grind through but once we cleared that was fairly smooth sailing. I just had my Lade trans/filter service done @ Sewell Houston less then 2k mi prior the Abq. trip. The 6.2 is a strong motor but do keep an eye on the trans temps, I coasted downhill/declines & it cooled off well...did NOT use CC as it is very shifty even w/o a trailer on the back. Take care of her & she'll do the job!

+1 on the larger trans cooler