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02-08-05, 02:04 PM
In late 1999, I bought my Wife a new 2000 Mazda Miata. We sold her 1999 and bought the 2000 for 2 reasons. Mazda advertised an increase in HP, & also offered a 6 spd for the new 2000s. After driving the car for several weeks, I did not see any HP gains. On the Miata forum, people that had bought the 2000 started to complain. Guys started to have their cars dynoed and the HP was not there. We started sending letters, E-Mails, ect. To make a long story short. Mazda bought my Wife's Miata back from us at the exact price we paid for it including all the tax's fees ect. We had the car for 7 months and had 5,000 miles on it. If you did not want to sell it back to them, they would give you free factory-scheduled maintenance at an authorized Mazda dealership for the length of the warranty and send you a $500.00 prepaid Master Card debit card to spend any way you'd like.

The complaints from the Miata Forum was the main reason Mazda did that, so lets make sure that GM knows and understands our concerns, and does something about it.


02-08-05, 02:12 PM
GM: ARGHH, wheelhop sucks. Please come up with a fix, so I can drive without realigning my spine. Also I don't consider this an 'agressive' driving issue. I get hop at 3k rpms' in 1st and second gear at 3/4 throttle. This is most evident if there is any moisture present (and I'm not talking about rain puddles, rather early morning dew.)

Yesterday was the first time in the 3 weeks I've had the car, that I actually heard the tires squeal when I got on it. I still had hop the rest of the day, but during this particular situation, I had been driving the car for about 1 hour, and the outside temp was at about 55 degrees, around 4 pm in the afternoon.

To all the people that owened their cars over the summer and/or live in warmer climates: How much does the external temperature affect the wheel hop with the stock F1's on the wheels?

As an aside, I have FG2 suspension.