View Full Version : 2011 CTS 3.0 Rims/Tires

06-20-13, 01:08 PM
Hey Guys,

New to this site...
I have a 2011 CTS 3.0 RWD and I'm looking to get some aftermarket rims/tires.

I searched around and didn't see much by way of OFFSET and different sizes.

Some guy offered me brand new Rims (18", 5x120, +20 Offset) and 225/40/ZR18 Tires.
Will these fit? Or will I need some sort of modifications?

Thanks for your help!


07-15-13, 10:47 AM
I just put 18x8 Dub Phase 5 wheels on my 2010 3.6. While Dub says that they fit this model, my shop had a hell of a time getting them to fit, as the inside valve stem hit the brake lines on the front and the suspension on the back. The point being that I'd sure be leery about trying wheels that aren't specifically for your car.