: 91 Seville -- Just can't win with front speakers!

02-07-05, 08:47 PM
Hi guys. I have a 1991 Cadillac Seville. Planned on putting a system in it. I have a cousin who has alot of experience with these sort of things. So i decided to go with Diamond Audio for my equipment. Started off with getting 6x9's for the rears and 5 1/4's for the fronts. The fronts did not fit b/c the speakers were too deep. The original bose ones were like .. eh ... an inch? Lol. Very small.

So i buy some universal q-logic kick panels, and there's no where to put them. It's either an angled surface or whatnot. So my cousin's telling me i'm best off just buying different front speakers that will fit the doors.

So my question is:

Is there any way i can do this with these speakers? I just thought it would be cool to use the same brand.

If not, how am i supposed to know if i buy different speakers if they're going to fit for sure depth wise? Or if they'll sound right coupled with Diamond Audio's rears?

Thanks alot, i really appreciate it,

02-07-05, 10:26 PM
the front speakers on my 90 deville were 4x6 stock. i replaced them with a 4" speaker and a 1/2" tweeter. they came together on a 4x6 mounting plate. however it was a very rough fit.

for one the mounting holes didnt line up, not even close.
and the magnet on the new speakers were much bigger, and much lower.
needless to say i ended up cutting just about all of the plastic out with a pair of needlenose pliers.

if it doesnt fit...MAKE IT FIT

02-07-05, 10:40 PM
We tried to make it fit. We were going to cut into the door, but realized even if we made it fit, the window wouldn't be able to go all the way down anymore, it would hit the speaker. 2.26in is the depth of the 5 1/4's speakers i have for the fronts.

02-07-05, 11:32 PM
So fabricate your own kick panel.

02-08-05, 01:08 AM
oh i see, its your door speakers. i thought you were trying to squeeze in dash speakers for some reason. sorry.

yeah, you could build up some kick panels. i think i would alter the door and the panel. im sure you could make some sort of bracket that sits over the sheet metal, this way the speaker sits further out. then cut circular holes in the door panel.

both ways will require a little bit of effort. but it can be done.

worst case scenario, get rid of those speakers and buy ones with a smaller depth.

02-08-05, 10:14 AM
Cutting the plastic cover so the speaker grilles are visible is quite easy, in that case you coud use depth expansors. The grille could be painted to match the interior. This is only a last resource option, though.

Davesdeville proposed the best option: Build your own kick panels. It is not that hard. A plus is that you can get the most out of your speakers that way.

02-08-05, 03:22 PM
How would i go about building my own? I know there's some sites out there, i'm just asking for which one you guys prefer.

I hope it's not too hard for someone of my skill level. I'm up for a challenge though, and love building things. Is it really expensive?

Thanks alot guys, i appreciate all the help.

I'm considering just cutting the door panel so the speaker grills can stick out a bit father, with a depth expander. I'm looking at that or building a kick panel.

02-08-05, 03:28 PM
Here is a link to one of the audio forums I'm member of:


That specific Thread has links for fiber glass tutorials, very good for the begginer.
I hope you find them useful, keep us updated.

02-10-05, 04:27 PM
Hmmm ... i'm wondering if i should just go get custom kick panels made for me to make sure it's done right. I'd love to mess around with this and learn how to make the kick panels, but not at the expense of better sound. =)

I've recently learned how much better kick panels are for your sound stage than in the doors, so i'm hooked on them.

Where would you even go to get customs made? How expensive would that be?

02-11-05, 08:43 AM
I've been doing alot of reading up on those sites listed, as well as other.

I'm definately going to build my own kick panels. Even sub panels (are they still panels?) for the trunk. This fiberglassing thing has me hooked now. I should just stop talking because i don't even have the speakers or anything yet, but i'm one to overthink everythink, and i've been researching this day and night.

Seems the hardest part is going to be aiming everything for the best sound stage. Poo! That really is bugging me, that's going to be a toughy!

When things get closer to reality with this project, i'll take a picture of the floors of my car to get some advice on where to put these. I'm afraid the emergency brake might be in the way of the driver side.

02-11-05, 11:02 AM
It is addicting. And the feeling of making your own enclosures is great!
One thing: USE PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT.[I] I can't stress that enough. Fiber glass can be nasty stuff if you disrespect it.
Best of luck, man. Keep updating.

Clark in Aloha Land
09-27-05, 08:06 PM
Here is some information for the speaker system problem. I had to replace my Bose System for two reasons. One because it did not have a CD and second because one of the rear speakers went up in smoke. One speaker cost $250.00, so I replaced the whole system. The front door speakers are very nice Blauplunk with gray raised grill that match the light gray interior. They have tweeter in the center and very nice front quality. It can be done and it sounds good and looks good.

09-28-05, 03:17 AM
Be careful when positioning the speakers as firing them into stuff like your legs will hurt the sound quite a bit.

If you are still considering other speakers, I would suggest Focal, they make slim profile speakers that may be exactly what you need. They can be pricey(200 to ~2500(yes $2,500!) for 6.5 components), but will at least be comparable to the Diamonds with their entry level speakers (I've had/heard both).

Also check out MB Quart Q series, I believe they are all slim profile and sound very good, they are coming out with a new line so you should be able to find them cheap(under ~450 for the 6.5s)

If you live near a Cartoys, they can build the stuff for you and they also carry Focal. They wanted to charge me ~500 for a custom fiberglass sub box, so it can be $$$ to get it done.