: Grand Am Cup - Daytona Results

02-07-05, 12:46 PM
New mustangs owned. Even with one of their hood's blowing off. No mention of what happened to the Caddy's in any of the articles I read.


1 5 GS James/Nastasi Ford Mustang GT 57 laps
2 55 GS Empringham/Maxwell Ford Mustang GT - 4.471 sec
3 60 GS Finlay/McDowell BMW M3 - 5.248
4 09 GS Thornton/Russell BMW M3 - 20.945
5 38 GS Plummer/Cosmo Porsche 996 - 52.690
6 18 GS Stanton/Pumpelly Porsche 996 - 57.575
7 07 GS Guindo/Antoine-Camirand Cadillac - 61.527
8 17 GS Wilkins/Lacey Porsche 966 - 70.236
9 05 GS Gue/Jeannette Ford Mustang GT - 82.299
10 6 GS McCalmont/Law Porsche 966 - 88.329

Found a pic of the #11 Corsa Performance CTS-V:



02-07-05, 11:35 PM
I watched the 24 Hours alot, but didn't see any of the Grand Am racing.

I like the look of the Corsa car!

02-09-05, 02:48 AM
Grand Am race supposed to be aired on march 5th Speedchannel 8:00 am PST

I'll be checkin' them out in person at California motor speedway April 1-3.
Last year Powell Motorsports had a different driver lineup, but i think some of those guys were driving the Rolex Prototypes at Daytona.
Mustangs had a good showing, it's great to see more manufacturers getting involved in road racing.

You can read about the race here also:http://www.grandamerican.com/Events/Event.asp?ID=94

BTW, those guys all use what looks like the Specter Werkes rear spoiler, so it is race tested.;)

02-18-05, 12:57 PM
Just found another article that had specific info about the Powell CTS-V Team.


Choice quotes are:

"Marc-Antoine Camirand did his best, in a competitive series where the Cadillac is the only car to run a restrictor plate, compared to the other cars in the field."


"This is a very fast race track, Daytona, and clearly the Cadillac is not equal to the other cars in the class. I was on the engine rev limiter on the straightaway, and several different cars were much better than ours on the banking at Daytona. I am hopeful the rules makers at Grand Am will see this and adjustments will be made to our racing package."