: 1998 Eldorado-White Diamond

02-07-05, 11:47 AM
Review Rating- 99+/ 100


Unit had 40k and two owners when I purchased it from an old line dealer Feb 2003. I put a new Delco battery in it, had the windows tinted, checked the alignment, put new Mich tires on it, had the dealer replace the coolant, transmission fluid, service the injector system, pcv val, fuel filter and purchased a Helm Factory Manual. Change the oil & Delco filter each 3k miles regardless of the oil minder (usually about 40%) and currently have 76k on it


It is an automobile, not a car. Unbelievable luxurious ride. It gets about 29 mpg on trips using the cruise control and about 22 mpg on city driving. Never had an automobile literally "tell me what is wrong with it." First thing that I did was find out how to read the DTC's and peridically do this for my records. Unit did not have a factory Delco 12 disc CD changer so I purchased a used one and ordered a bracket and installed it according to shop manual instructions. Absolutely no problems and the Bose system is great. Plan to replace the plugs and wiring @ 100k per manual instructions if not sooner. (if mpg goes down or performance dictates)

The leather interior is exqusite. Everything has been designed to assist the driver and his passengers. I took several days to read the features of this work of art, and still find myself looking back at some wonderful thing that engineers designed for the owners' comfort, east of operation, and maintenance.


Someone who did not have a factory manual/and or mechanical experience had been in the left door panel and had broken the fasteners....too bad, because the manual gives step by step instructions that are fool proof on removal of the panel. I designed a few fasteners of my own that securely position that driver door panel. The ashtray has a minor problem- it will not close. Removed it and discovered a broken plastic post that I think that I can repair, too. It is obvious that these are very minor problems and they are what are called "cockpit problems." (a person who does not understand how manuals are to be read before tackling any mechanical repair and goes in roughshod and causes more damage than can be imagined)

I think that the auto has just a few too many sensors, because I get a DTC code that the fuel sensor sees high voltage and a DTC that the sensor on the lumbar horizontal seat is experiencing problems. These both return and I may investigate repairing them, but there are absolutely no other problems to date.
I once was traveling down the road after filling the tank with premium and the green screeen told me to check the fuel cap. Stopped and sure enough, I had not put it on securely. What other cars can keep the driver from mistakes like that??

I salute the engineers, craftsmen, and the manufacturer for building a mighty fine piece of transportation. I hope to put maybe 250k or 300k on it by following the routine maintenance and using high quality fluids. The first Cadillac and only automobile that I have ever owned that does not ever hesitate upon full acceleration.....it is luxury beyond belief.

03-01-05, 04:53 PM
A lot of newer (2000 & up) cars will light the chekc engine idiot light if the fuel cap is not tight enough.:hmm:

At least the Cadillacs are smart enough to tell you that it's the gas cap!:)

03-06-05, 08:56 PM
You are correct, Mike, they are very very intelligent machines....if we only listen to what they have to say! What do you like and dislike about your 00 Eldo?

12-14-05, 09:19 PM
Had a chance to buy a white 99 Eldo when I got my DeVille but the Eldo was just plain white and the White Diamond color on my DeVille just kept calling my name. Not to mention I really didn't want black (or charcoal) interior here in Florida. But if I ever have the oportunity to purchase an Eldo I certainly will LOVE the body style! Glad you like yours. And as far as the sensors go, it's shocking at just how much the computer checks while you are crusing along with the stereo blazing. "...lumbar horizontal seat is experiencing problems..." that's just like something out of startrek, next thing you know you'll hear scotty tell you the Dilithium Crystals are fading :)

12-21-05, 07:29 AM
98D you are entirely correct about "White Diamond". It is unique and each time I wax, I enjoy it more. Florida is a great place to have WD, too. OBDII is also mighty fine. It warned me of a battery problem just in time to replace the battery (before being stranded anywhere). Keep an eye on the side-connected positive terminal for leakage. It is a weak part of Delco batteries that I have had (2). Enjoy all of that sun down there!

12-02-12, 10:22 PM
Hi reply to a 5+ yr old thread. In 07 i spent $6100. On ebay for a crimson red etc for my aging father who was laboring with an oil leak on his 93 sls. It had 79k and not a scratch. PO was the original and bought for his wife in florida on valentines day. I put gas in it and drove to nj. My dad then used it in chicago. The car was hit and vandalissd many times in a few yrs.
While executing his estate the car sold on cl for 2500. The pearl paint was still still beautiful and the interior 100%. I had the rear knuckles done and installed the ac delco plug wires. At 125k miles he never had a coolant problem. But it did use a quart oil every 1k. As an owner of a few cadillacs i think the last body style eldorado was the best. The pearl paint is a must. If you're thinking of buying one, the hg and the suspension are the most expensive fixes and would cost 2-3 times the value of the car to fix.

12-04-14, 08:01 PM
I bought my 1998 White Diamond Eldorado Touring coupe in January of 1999 from a car broker. I drove it home in probably the worst snow storm of the season. Stopping at a light the car skidded a bit and noise underneath, then on the dashboard it said "Traction Restored" and I knew this was the car for me. Haven't seen that statement since. But I love the car and was delighted to see it named as a "Top 10 Future Collector's Car" in Popular Mechanics... the tuxedo styling, the advanced technology, low production numbers and expensive initial cost. And the gold keys! the overdrive transmission is great and I coast all over town! It still has better technology than the 2010 DTS I bought, when I figured out finding parts for the '98 might be problematic.

and how nice to see Cadillac is not included in the issue of the airbags that spray shrapnel. oget what you pay for and even if the airbags are never used, you are driving around with the best around, I would suppose.

12-06-14, 07:54 AM
Sue, Given your location, you could probably find a large icy parking lot this month - and play with your car to see how/when it goes into its various skid recovery modes. Pretty interesting, and you won't break anything. The whirring and shuddering in the brake pedal would be the ABS system engaging.

Welcome to the Funny Farm !!!! :highfive:

Hope you come up to the Seville/Eldorado forums and throw your hat in the ring.