: Got Some Headers Cheap!

06-19-13, 04:00 AM
Remember those SW headers on the classifieds for $800? Well, after much back and forth they are mine for $550 shipped!

Now I've read about the 1-7/8 vs. 1-3/4 and came to my own conclusion that for the price it didn't much matter anymore.

What I need help on is what to do post headers...

I live in Indy so no epa crap to deal with and will go with no cats. I want electric cutouts and an x-pipe.

I was thinking b/c I have a local exhaust guy that does good work for cheap I could piece something together.

Some guy I talked to today pointed to a V2 on youtube that was using SLP Bullet 2 mufflers.....so I watched and liked the sound.

Watcha all think?

06-19-13, 11:40 AM
In my opinion SLP isn't worth it being as its so expensive. I have usually found their loudmouth stuff is even more than corsa stuff. if you have a guy that does exhaust work for cheap then just get 2 mufflers off eBay and have him weld up something for you. Mufflers are usually cheaper on their own. I found 2 borla xr1 mufflers on there for like $50 a piece a few months ago but I didnt need em.

06-19-13, 12:35 PM
Just do electric cutouts after the headers and before the stock resonated X-pipe. You can open them a little, or a lot.

06-19-13, 08:34 PM
RyRidesMotoX why don't you need those? I may make an offer?

06-20-13, 10:57 AM
Oh I didn't buy em... I just look at stuff and I seem to remember some on eBay. Just keep your eyes open, there are lots of deals if your patient.

06-20-13, 01:20 PM
Oh ok thanks.

07-16-13, 09:24 PM
My plan is no cats, cutouts, off road x pipe, back to ???? Maybe Flowmaster 44s or Magnaflow.

07-16-13, 09:43 PM
I wouldn't use Flowmaster they were on my car when I bought it and it sounds like a old z71 to me. I'm replacing those next. I had kooks muffler pacesetter headers no cats on one of my gto loved the sound just a little loud, magnaflow on the other one sound ok. I'm going Kooks, Borla or Magnaflow mufflers here very soon.

One of my brothers gto had slp full exhaust sounded good at low and mid rpm but high rpm was just to loud to me. Now he is putting kooks mufflers on his. SLP is over priced for what they are. And I know we are not talking about a gto here but you know pretty much same engine/and exhaust setup lol

07-23-13, 02:59 AM
Cutouts go after the resonator and before the mufflers. The reason is you give the two banks a connection but then reduce the backpressure so it may give you peak hp.

The idea is sound except for your cat back idea.

Magna is too loud and just crap. Keep the stock resonator and catback, just gut the mufflers a little. This way you are not excessively loud but you have the option to be if you feel like it.

The best think to also do is get a RPM activation switch and connect it to your cutouts so when you get to 3500rpm they open automatically.

I am installing vacuum based actuators for internal baffle control. I will have an electric valve controllin the vacuum. If the valve fails i am quiet, and when i get to 3000rpm it opens the valve releasing the vacuum opening the actuator giving me full power with out any sacrifice to overall power.

Will document it all for you all later...

Dont do it cause it cheap, do it cause its the right thing to do..

So keep stock catback ,
gut the mufflers
install cutouts after resonator
install rpm switch for hands free activation
and enjoy

07-23-13, 06:11 AM
^i like this idea a lot. Since it's predictable, it could also be tuned for. Really very smart.