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06-18-13, 09:44 PM
Hello Everyone,

I'm sure this has been covered time and time again but I have been searching through this forum and I still have a few questions about brake pads and rotors from my Deville DTS. Upon searching the forums I have found the following basics down.

My car has the JL9 brake system(I found this information on the spare tire cover). With that being said, I think I do not have the heavy duty rotors. Why, it's not a damn limo and when I've changed my tires, it's just your basic 5 lug rotor to me. I'll check that again tomorrow at work just to be safe.

What I am looking for is a safe, simple and effective replacement pad and rotor solution. I drive just like everyone else, in the city, highway, and just about everywhere. My car is the work horse between my wife and I so it gets driven the most. I do have chrome wheels but I wash my car about twice a week, so brake dust doesn't really bother me as I keep my wheels cleaned, but believe me, I don't want something that will turn them black. Ha ha.

That's all I have found out really. I was looking at rockauto.com for the information that I have found. For the front and rear pads, I plan on using the following:

RAYBESTOS Part # SGD699M {#RPD699, RPD699M} Service Grade - Semi-Metallic Front; Drag Reduction Clip Recommended H6006; OE Pad Material is Semi-Metallic; GM Brake Code JL9

RAYBESTOS Part # SGD714C Rear; Drag Reduction Clip Recommended H6002; OE Pad Material is Semi-Metallic; GM Brake Code JL9

I've chosen this set up because it's the OEM option, or so I believe. Please, correct me if I'm wrong. Now, where do I find this "drag reduction clip?" Do I even need this? Is their a better option that has all the hardware included that will service my pads correctly? I'm open to simple suggestions.

As for rotors, I plan on using the following option where I found the same information on rockauto. Once again, I am open to suggestions.

ACDELCO Part # 18A813A {#19241868} Advantage FRONT ; 4 DOORS; w/FRT & RR DISC ANTILOCK BRK(JL9); 5 STUD ROTORS

ACDELCO Part # 18A911A {#19241876} Advantage REAR ; 4 DOORS; w/FRT & RR DISC ANTILOCK BRK(JL9); 5 STUD ROTORS

Raybestos does make the rotors as well and that's an option, only a few dollar difference which isn't high on my list. Is there anything else I need to worry about when changing the pads and rotors out? Anything to reset when I'm done, or sensors that need to be replaced? I know this is a long read but I'm hopeful there is information I'm missing and other options out and others can learn from this as well.



06-19-13, 08:21 AM
Do it the easy way and call Chris in parts at Rippy Cadillac over there >>>>>>>>

Have your VIN at hand. AC Delco makes several grades of pads/rotors. Chris can make a recommendation based on your overall driving habits.