View Full Version : A/C control vacuum diagram?

06-18-13, 09:20 PM
Hello All, This is my first post.I have used info from here to repair a few caddies for friends. Great info and people here.
I have a 84 Coupe Deville 4.1, I am helping a friend out with, someone has been under the dash to try and make the air flow from the dash vents. I found that they disconnected the Map sensor and sliced it to a black hose with orange stripe.
I am trying to get things back together where I can properly troubleshoot his real problem. Can anyone tell me where this Blk/org hose connects from the controller or where I may find a diagram.

Thanks Bill

have used this great site to help

06-19-13, 01:56 AM
I believe the orange one goes to the recirculation door.

06-20-13, 12:09 AM
Thanks I will check that