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06-18-13, 01:22 AM
Long time creeper of these forums, finally decided to join up and join the conversation. Fairly recently unfortunately I had to replace the drive-shaft on my 08 AWD CTS 3.6DI... so I'm not too happy right now, but other than that I love the car!

Well actually there's more problems... (abs light is on, traction light is on, it says to service abs, stablitrak and abs) and still drives a little funny ever since I replaced the drive shaft...

Oh! Did I mention that all 4 of my "performance shocks" are also finished and need to be replaced?

Needless to say as much as these things have all gone wrong I still love the thing, I'm just obviously fed up and was wondering if anyone has ran into similar problems with theirs and any solutions or theories as to what the hell is going on with mine?

Pictures of my baby can be found on my profile feel free to take a look :)

06-18-13, 01:29 AM
:welcome5: Sorry to hear of the bad luck so far. I always figure things could be worse, could be putting money into a boring car!

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