: Melting Headlights the Results of Global Warming...

06-17-13, 11:33 PM
Ok, I just could not resist folks, but here's my real question. My previous 06 DTS had the melting area above the turn signals on the tops
of both headlights. I had them each replaced once while the vehicle was still under warranty, but by the time I was ready to trade it, they had
melted again. Now I have an 09 DTS I've had since August. I've taken to turning the daytime running lights off as soon as I start the car.
I also find that I'm using the turn signal "flick" feature which gives only three blinks. I've had to replace both turn signal bulbs, but so far no
melting appears. Does anyone know if this melting issue was solved in the later models? would turning the daytime running lights off immediately
or using the "flick" feature burn those bulbs up quicker? Thanks, Dan

Tom's Caddy
06-19-13, 11:47 AM
My daytime running lights have been on everyday for all of my 80000 miles with no issue, I think I read somewhere that the 06 ballasts and maybe some 07 came from France and now come from Germany, but I could be wrong. I wouldn't worry.