: Locked Doors

06-17-13, 09:21 PM
My V will lock the doors with the fob sitting on the console. Thought it was supposed to blow the horn three times and keep the doors unlocked to remind you a fob is inside. My wife has been locked out twice this way by leaving her purse in the the car, once with both fobs in her purse. Its going to the dealer but thought I would run it by you guys, it could be something I'm doing and would save me a trip. Nearest decent Caddy dealer is 120 miles away.



06-17-13, 09:35 PM
No, it shouldn't lock the doors.

My keys fell out of my pocket getting out of the car once, closed the door and got the three beeps you expected to get.

06-17-13, 11:16 PM
I forgot to add that both fobs have new batteries.


Berger 93
06-18-13, 09:17 AM
Is it turned off in the "Vehicle Personalization"????

This feature chirps the horn three times when the
driver’s door is closed and there is a keyless access
transmitter left inside of the vehicle. This will only occur
when the vehicle is off.
Programmable Modes
Mode 1: ON
Mode 2: OFF
Before your vehicle was shipped from the factory, it was
programmed to Mode 1. The mode to which the
vehicle was programmed may have been changed since
it left the factory.
To program the vehicle to a different mode, use the
following procedure:
following the instructions listed previously under
“Entering the Personal Settings Menu.”
2. Turn the tune/select knob until KEY FOB
REMINDER is highlighted.
3. Press the tune/select knob to switch back and forth
between on and off.
When the mode is turned on, a check mark will
appear next to the feature name.
The mode you selected is now set. You can either exit
the programming mode by following the instructions
later in this section or program the next feature available
on your vehicle.


And EACH fob has it's own personalization . . .

06-22-13, 01:15 AM
Thanks Berger 93,

I went through the menu and made sure it was set properly in "Vehicle Personalization" and it is. After I went through the steps, I got out and closed the door to see what it would do. It chirped 3 times then about 5 seconds later it chirped once and then locked the doors.


06-22-13, 01:21 AM
If you have a fob in the car and another fob on your person it will do that. Try keeping one fob waaaay out of range (range is quite far) and then take the other, leave it in and close the door. If the car senses there is a fob outside the car it'll lock even if there is one inside. I say this assuming you kept one in your pocket so you didn't get locked out.

06-22-13, 01:32 AM
Guy, Thanks, that's exactly what I did. Good, so maybe when I set it, it worked the way it should. Thanks again. I'm heading to Fayetteville, NC on Tuesday (25th) to visit my son, who is stationed down there. His play toy is a 2013 Shelby GT 500. Won't be driving the V though, I'll be on my HD.

Thanks Again,


06-22-13, 01:42 AM
No prob. I'm at bragg too. If you need anything or want to meet for whatever reason give me a call. Check your pm.

06-22-13, 01:55 AM
I may give you a call. Get some V ideas from you.



06-22-13, 01:58 AM
No problem