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02-05-05, 10:31 PM
My '93 Eldo has 104,000 miles on it and I am doing a lot of routine maintenance on it at this point. Should I replace the little, high-temp green hose(s) as a preventative measure. Do they go bad?
Thanks, Jim

02-05-05, 11:09 PM
I believe that is a silicone hose and is supposed to last a long time. I hope so because it looks like a bitch to get at. If the TB is off I'd replace it. If not, I wouldn't touch it til I absolutely had to.

02-06-05, 01:35 AM
I've learned on here those are high temperature silicone hoses.

Do not replace them with regular heater hose, even though they are expensive, compared to regular hose. Regular hose will fail quickly because they are located in places that have a lot of heat from the motor.

02-06-05, 11:38 AM
As noted above, the two short green heater hoses are silicone, to be able to withstand the high heat in a small area, located right next to the metal EGR pipe.

These hoses will normally outlast the car. Just check the four (4) screw clamps for tightness. The hoses can leak when under high engine RPM, and appear fine when at idle or low RPM.


02-06-05, 01:05 PM
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02-06-05, 04:44 PM
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02-06-05, 05:10 PM
Thanks for the replies to my question. I was hoping that the answer was "don't touch them" because they are extremely difficult to reach.