: Auto tranny holding gears

06-17-13, 07:19 PM
Hey all does the 3.6 ats hold gears differently depending on how "spirited" you are driving?? Not often but twice now my car has done it but I'm not 100 sure it's something the car was supposed to do or something wrong! Actually it's not so much holding longer but not shifting at all. One time I was hitting a sharp bend and I got on it and let off but instead of shifting it just sort of wound down and eventually shifted. Another time it was almost the same except I got on it up a hill around a bit if a bend but someone pulled over in front of me so I had to let off and once again it stayed in a lower gear and revved down then shifted. This was in sport mode. Anyone have sillier situations??

06-17-13, 09:50 PM
Yes, read up on the PAL algorithm - the car will hold the tranny when you run with a heavy foot - more so in sports mode than in touring mode.

When you lift, it holds the rpm, waiting for you to press the accelerator again.

I find the algorithm pretty intuitive - in other words, it mimics how I would be driving a stick shift, in terms of gear selection and gear holding.

The car supposedly senses centrifugal forces, so the PAL algorithm knows whether you are lifting in a corner or on a straight road course, and will do the 'best' (programmed) thing.

I find it pretty intuitive in its response.

06-17-13, 10:07 PM
It's great after some hot corners when I break very heavy it pops down gears rev matching all the way.

06-17-13, 10:16 PM
Thanks for the info! I never realized this. I tried it a little while ago, got on it pretty hard around a turn and let off, it held the gear then straightened out and floored it until it shifted....truly awesome!! Never drove a car with intuitive shifting before. Pretty awesome.

06-18-13, 01:17 AM
Post deleted lol.