: 2005 STS Theft System

06-17-13, 04:25 PM
So I have a really nice 2005 STS that now has 37K miles and still looks like new. Last summer the theft system kept locking up on me I couldn't start the car. The dealer tried to reprogram the car but the problem persisted. Finally, they changed one of the computers. Since then, it has not locked me out. However, often times when I start the car it says that the "Hood is Ajar", the "Theft Attempted." I just shut off the car, get out and lock it, the open the car and begin again. So far that has worked and the car runs fine, though at times the "Hood Ajar" warning with flash when there is nothing wrong with the car. My concern is that I'll get somewhere and the car won't start because the theft system is locked. The question is whether this is simply a matter of changing the hood switch--wherever that might be--or is there something more problematic with the car or the model? I do not have an extended warrantny!

Thanks or any help you can provide me.

06-17-13, 04:32 PM
I think that you have diagnosed the problem correctly. Replacing the hood switch is mostly likely remedy. Lots of threads about this problem on here.


06-17-13, 04:44 PM
:yeah: Replace that faulty hood switch and you'll be all set...

06-17-13, 08:56 PM
Thanks, folks. I'll look into changing the hood switch.