: Feeling kinda Horny. Um, car horns that is.

06-17-13, 02:55 PM
So I was missing the great sound that Cadillac trumpet horns used to make. Almost like a train horn.

So I bought a set on Ebay. A guy sells complete sets all reapinted up nice and included plugs. I went outside today and popped the hood on my DTS to check out installation points. Of course you can't see much. So took off the plastic cover over the grille radiator area.

Nothing. No really! Nothing there! No horns! I climbed all over the engine compartment (what little of it you can see) and could not for the life of me find the existing horns.

Where are they?

06-17-13, 04:33 PM
Like all the rest, probably down inside the RF fenderwell area, above the lower air deflector.