: Spare Tire Well

02-05-05, 03:20 PM
I picked up a spare wheel and tire so I can ditch the run flats in the spring.
I pulled the plastic insert out and couldn't understand why it weighed as much as it did until I turned it over. The center divider has a piece of pipe with end pads on it.
I assume that this is for some kind of crash protection or stiffening. But does anyone know for sure?
Also, does it make sense that a spare tire in the well will serve the same purpose?
I'll leave it in until I change tires (who needs the extra weight of the spare?)


02-05-05, 03:28 PM
yeah, i'm pretty sure it's for crash protection. The regular CTS has a spare, but not the well/funny tube thing. So I'm also pretty sure putting a spare back there (which I will do also when I get new tires) will offer similar crash protection.

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02-05-05, 04:37 PM
Mine had a similar pipe in it but didn't weigh very much at all, I literally tossed it (the tub) at my helper and went do you think this is heavy? Really mine came out light as a feather.

02-05-05, 05:38 PM
Being that the tub was plastic, maybe polypropylene for flex, I expected it to weigh 1 or 2 pounds. We've got more like 5 pounds here - definitely more than just some plastic.

Come on, I might be a girlie man but give me break. I drive pickup trucks and a macho car.


02-05-05, 05:58 PM
Guess with others saying it was heavy I was thinking more like 20 lbs ratehr then yes 5 or so (my guess).

02-05-05, 07:00 PM
I just went out to the garage and lifted the extracted tub. Maybe it weighs 10 pounds, girlie-arms not withstanding. When I tried to pull it out the first time it felt like 500 pounds as I failed to notice the 2nd washer holding it on its stem. I find it hard to believe that the metal pipe in the tub would be of any enormous benefit in the event of a crash. The spare tire in there now looks a lot more study with the mille miglia wheel in it than that tub and pipe.


02-05-05, 07:39 PM
My scale in garage says 12.2 lbs.

The pipe is there for rear impact protection, or "crumple" if you will. Most modern autos with the spare tire in the trunk do in fact count on that spare as part of the equation in a rear impact situation. A simple plastic tub might not hold up properly, I suppose, but a subwoofer in a fiberglass enclosure :hmm: