View Full Version : 1968 Deville tiiming issues

06-17-13, 09:38 AM
i have a 68 cad deville that i am trying to put together for a friend and am having timing issues cannot seem to get it started dont know if chain is off or just distributer is not right can you help with that

06-17-13, 12:06 PM
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06-17-13, 01:48 PM
What have you looked at so far? You might want to replace the points and condensor if you haven't already.

06-17-13, 06:41 PM
Some of the front pulleys/dampers have more than one mark on them. Make sure you use the right one for timing. Pulley mark on the timeing center and then #1 postion on the distributor cap as well and she should fire. Set timing after you get her running.