: Xzilon- polymer coatings- Yes or No

02-05-05, 01:06 PM
Hey folks,

Wanted to check in and see what the group felt about the dealers add-on coatings, in my case Xzilon.

Got a new CTS-V last week (Yeeha!!- will post in appropriate groups my love of this car!). and purchased the Xzilon coating the dealer offered. I'm scheduled to have it Xziloned next wednesday (today is Sat AM).

1: Should I or shouldn't I have it Xziloned?

2: If I should- any tips as to "pretreatments" I can do to make sure the car is at it's best prior to Xziloning. Especially as to the use of a rubbing compound.

I have removed one badge and may remove others, so I need to clean up these areas- assuming I should use some sort of rubbing compound- but I will search for advice in the forum.

I also have some small scratches in my "new car" (600 miles now- got it with 312), which I hope will rub out as well- I'd rather deal with it myself first, rather than messing w/ dealer.


02-05-05, 01:44 PM
sounds like a way to pull more money out of you....
i follow what this site says

and NEVER EVER let the dealer touch my car EVER

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02-05-05, 06:06 PM
I have the Llumar clear bra and have the thicker Llumar clear over all the front lights. You really don't notice it and it should protect the whole front of the car.


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02-05-05, 06:57 PM
dealer added aftermarket coatings do more harm than good, IMO. Dealer will try to sell you rustproofing, too. most owners manuals will tell you not to do it.

Good ole wax, Zaino, Rejex...pick your favorite....they will keep your finish in great shape for years if you use them regularly.

The less that the dealer touches your car, the better off you are.


02-05-05, 07:04 PM
Zeke, don't do it. I had it done at great expense and I doubt it is any big deal. I have an acquaintance who details cars. He said he would have done the same service for half the price. I am too embarrassed to tell you how much I spent on this. Take your car home. If you are worried about the finish in or out, take the time to do some research locally and find a reputable detailer for what you want. Did you ever see the Seinfeld episode when Putty (Elaine's boyfriend) is selling Jerry a car? He tries to sell Jerry undercoating and when Jerry questions it, Putty says, "We don't even know what it does, anyway."


02-10-05, 11:02 PM
Czesc Urbanski,

thanks for the advice, though i didn't heed it, and will certainly pay the price later...

I had the MAN do the job- figuring I could never get the MAN to give me the $ back

Looks good- and of course, the peckerheads couldn't rub out all the scratches my new car came with....I'm considering releasing my wife on them, a Polish princess with diva tendancies!! God help them.

btw, no wheel hops- have chirped in 3 gears so far, and fell like I've hitten a few 5ish second 60s...at leat under 10!

will update as to the Xzilon

god I love this car

[been driving a Totota 4x4 pickup with 150k miles, and a 1985 Mercedes 190E with 250k miles, as well as a garage queen, our 1999 Deville with 21k miles]

02-11-05, 06:00 AM
Zeke: after the xzilon you may be stuck with the scratches. If you try to polish them out you will polish off the xzilon in that area and there may be what looks like a blemish or a "clear break" in the paint. That is, assuming, that they actually put something on the paint. It is possible that they sold you a $300 wash n wax......

Autobody shops hate those aftermarket coatings becuase they just make repairs and blends more difficult.

Of course you could just have the card detailed with some detailing clay and I think that may take the Xzilon off (anybody else have an opinion on that?)

I'm sure that car looks great anyway; now get out there and enjoy it......

09-27-05, 11:45 PM
Like one of the former posts said. Good idea to find a local detailer thats reputable, cost less benefits better. Unless all you really want is the warranty.

If the dealer that sold you the "sealant package" is working with a good vendor for the sealants and the warranty. It may be worth getting. Example: some warranty servicing companies will perform work that clearly is not required do to customers lack of following warranty. Most of the sealant warranties will state that you must renew, with renewer they give you when sealant is first done.

As far as dealer not removing scratches prior to sealing new car paint. They should not have had a problem doing that if they chose to, unless A: the scratches went to deep or B: they don't have a competent detail department.

Doing your self with compound whiloe sounding like a good idea is not. Unless your ready to live with it looking worse than before you started. Again bring it to a local detailer that's been in business for at least 3 years.

Good luck with your great new car.

Clean cars drive better, Get it detailed!:cool2: