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06-16-13, 11:31 PM
Alright guys. I have a 2009 CTS on 20s. I want to lower it 1 inch. I got the eibach springs for my car. I have an independent mechanic that's going help me. Are the springs all I need? Do I need new shocks?

06-17-13, 11:25 PM
The springs are all you're gonna need! I have the eibachs on my '11 coupe. Love em.

06-18-13, 04:07 PM
What size wheels do you have, Kenny? That little bit of lowering makes quite a difference in appearance.

06-18-13, 07:27 PM
20x9.5, 20x10 wheels. 255/45 upfront, 295/30 out back. Toyo proxes 4 plus.

06-18-13, 07:59 PM
I like it.

06-18-13, 08:18 PM
I like it.

Ty :)

06-23-13, 09:34 AM
please may i ask you

do you feel like the car havier while driving
i mean after you install those rear rims ?

07-11-13, 01:33 PM
CTSmylife2009......YES. Sucks too, but I noticed when I put my aftermarket rims and tires on (20s) my cars acceleration suffered. Also its a little bit louder in the cabin, like theres more road noise. But its totally worth it in my opinion lol.

07-16-13, 09:21 PM
I recently installed the Eibach Pro Kit on my 2009 sedan and love the new look and ride. An easy DIY actually if you have ever dealt with suspension.

One thing: you must have F1 or F2 NON-LEVELING suspension or the backs will not drop.

Check the badge on the inside of the spare tire cover if you are unsure what you have. F3 suspension requires replacing the rear shocks with F1 or F2.

07-18-13, 12:27 AM
On the Eibach website the kit excludes AWD models (CTS4s) Is there any other way?

Mr. Klean
07-18-13, 01:23 PM
@CTSismylife2009, any car will feel heavier once you do plus sizes on your wheels- in overall diameter and width...unless the car is turbo-charged...then you just up the boost. On my F350 dually I changed my stock 19's for Alcoa 24's (semi-truck wheels) and she still has plenty of power/torque. On my Supra, I had to add 2-4 lbs of boost to feel the same with the 19's as it did with the stockers (17's), but the 19's are considerably wider (19x10 front and 19x11.5 rear) as opposed to stock. Unfortunately, we cannot change the horsepower in increments of boost in the CTS (non-V), so we are forced to either deal with the lag, or buy light-weight 20"+ wheels (which are hella-expensive).

07-18-13, 10:08 PM
On the Eibach website the kit excludes AWD models (CTS4s) Is there any other way?

How about this? Not sure what model you have.


Here is a related thread also:


07-18-13, 11:49 PM
I have a 2008 CTS4 DI sedan. From what I read in the thread you linked they just used the RWD springs and they seemed to work.