: Fathers day in the V

06-16-13, 10:35 PM
It was great to cruise with a fellow V owner today and go to a show. We though what the heck and put our cars in there also. I was surprised at how much attention they drew.

Thanks for inviting me along Kris!

Pics are of myself and V user

http://i107.photobucket.com/albums/m283/izcain/IMG_5865_zps38989bb5.jpg (http://s107.photobucket.com/user/izcain/media/IMG_5865_zps38989bb5.jpg.html)

http://i107.photobucket.com/albums/m283/izcain/IMG_5862_zpsd3a2e464.jpg (http://s107.photobucket.com/user/izcain/media/IMG_5862_zpsd3a2e464.jpg.html)

http://i107.photobucket.com/albums/m283/izcain/IMG_5861_zps0f9c1134.jpg (http://s107.photobucket.com/user/izcain/media/IMG_5861_zps0f9c1134.jpg.html)

http://i107.photobucket.com/albums/m283/izcain/IMG_5860_zpsa40b12f4.jpg (http://s107.photobucket.com/user/izcain/media/IMG_5860_zpsa40b12f4.jpg.html)

http://i107.photobucket.com/albums/m283/izcain/IMG_5859_zps2347e820.jpg (http://s107.photobucket.com/user/izcain/media/IMG_5859_zps2347e820.jpg.html)

http://i107.photobucket.com/albums/m283/izcain/IMG_5870_zps2abdf704.jpg (http://s107.photobucket.com/user/izcain/media/IMG_5870_zps2abdf704.jpg.html)

06-16-13, 10:37 PM
That definitely looks wicked cool, you guys have some nice looking V's. Car shows are the best!
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V user
06-17-13, 12:27 AM
It was a great day! It was nice to see a really nice V done right. The attention to detail on Zac V is amazing, this is a car done right! Quality and detail in workmanship! Two V's cruising down the road sure turn a lot of heads.


Look forward to more shows.

06-17-13, 01:05 AM
Thanks man! Alot of work was done before I bought it but I have definitely
poured another whole list of fun stuff into her. Your never done lol! Now to get working on that new motor I aquired.

Maybe one of these weekends you can come to the shop and we will have a blackout party and get yours all blacked out! We can put it on the lift so you can get at all 4 wheels at once!

06-18-13, 01:21 PM
Nice pics and great looking Vs....!