: Coolant Question

06-16-13, 05:05 PM
Hey guys, me again. 94' 5.7 LT1. I had a coolant leak in the thin metal line that runs from rear of motor up along the head and turns into a hose that goes to reservoir. It got a pin hole in it. It was near the rear of motor. I needed a quick fix so I had to cut the metal line out at the leak, and clamped a hose to remaining line. I lost alot of coolant, and I know it sucked in alot of air. I have been adding coolant, and using the bleeder in front. But it still is running about 5 to 10 degrees warmer than it usually did. Its not overheating or boiling in resevoir.

So is there more than one bleeder on motor ? And would replacing the metal line with hose be a reason ? If so, where does it go behind engine, and does it come off to replace ? I can't see or feel just where it goes.

06-19-13, 07:38 PM
There is only one bleeder on LT1 engine by thermostat. You need to lift the front of the car up for more effective bleeding. Are you sure it was not the plastic T which is connected to the reservoir leaking? Those parts are known to leak over time.

06-23-13, 06:50 PM
Yea I'm sure. What is the best way to bleed ? Cold or hot ? And if cold, do I have the reservior cap off with the bleeder open ? Or cap on with bleeder open ?

06-23-13, 08:07 PM
Cap on, start from cold, open bleeder. Air will come out as the thermostat opens. When you get to a stream of coolant with no spitting, close bleeder. It will be messy, try and use a rag to keep the coolant soaked up. Watch your eyes, and don't burn yourself.

06-24-13, 03:16 AM
Does the bleeder have a nipple on it?

06-24-13, 04:47 AM
no, its just a flathead screw.

07-01-13, 04:34 AM
Ok, it was 119 degrees out the other day, and my car temp. got all the way up to 210. I have done everything, I used bleeder with the front of the car up, I've been opening it up every other day for two weeks now. And its still running hotter than it used to. If I start the car cold, and open the bleeder before the thermo opens, I still get a solid stream of coolant. Does this mean thermo is stuck open ? Heres another thing its doing, if I punch the gas for a bit, the temp will come down 5 degrees or better. So, should I check thermo ? It seems like its just low on coolant, but its not drawing anymore into motor from resevior.

07-01-13, 11:28 AM
How exactly are you measuring the temperature of 210? One mechanical fan/one electric, or two electric? Have you verified performance of both fans?

07-01-13, 11:37 AM
What's wrong with a normal coolant temp of 210F ????????

07-05-13, 01:30 PM
both electric fans work. I have gages on the A-pillar. And the car used to run cooler.

07-05-13, 04:48 PM
How much cooler? It's summer.

07-05-13, 11:24 PM
it would usually stay under 200 for the most part

07-05-13, 11:35 PM
Just read the first sentence of post #7. 210 at 119 ambient?! It's fine.

07-07-13, 06:19 AM
I understand how normal that is. All I'm trying to figure out is why after the crossover steampipe that comes from the rear of the heads, when it got a pin hole in it, and I cut it off at the leak and attached a gas line hose to it, its running hotter( at least according to my temp gage). For three years, since I've owned it, its always ran very cool. But I will have to say, in the winter, when it was under 50 degrees outside, my temp ran under 160 or so.
Well, thanks once again guys for any and all help. Either way, I orderd a bleeder valve with a nipple so I can get air out without coolant runing down and all over. I'm going to give it a flush, and a new thermo. It needs a flush I know, so either wway it can't hurt. Talk to you guys soon.


07-21-13, 10:45 PM
well I found why I was running alittle hot. That plastic "T" valve under the resevior, that was cracking apart. And it finally started leaking. I replaced and all is fine . Running cool like always.

07-22-13, 03:54 PM
You were running hot as a result of owning a hot car on the block lol
Aside from this pun , I am happy to see another Brougham was fixed :)
Happy Driving