: First Round of Mods Completed.

06-16-13, 11:33 AM
As Josh from DynoSpeed told me; "Your car is now the way Cadillac should have built it" and boy was he right. See signature for list of mods. The HX will be mounted this week and I have some spacers on the way to push the wheels out just a tad, 11 mm in front and 15 mm in rear. The car turned out better than I expected. Wife and I spent and entire week-end installing the full exhaust system and I have a whole new appreciation for those of you that can complete this job in 6 - 8 hours, as has been noted here many times. After every one of our knuckles were busted, hers too, we're really glad we decided to let the pros at DynoSpeed in Memphis complete the rest of the mods. Only problem now is I know about DynoSpeed and I can feel my credit card shaking for fear. Here's a few pictures we took this morning;


And a couple with its garage-mate;

06-16-13, 12:21 PM
I think Cadillac did it fine, stock...

06-16-13, 06:37 PM
Someone has a penchant for black cars.

06-16-13, 07:34 PM
If Cadillac did it that way from the start, what on Earth would you do to personalize it? :D

06-16-13, 10:09 PM
If Cadillac did it that way from the start, what on Earth would you do to personalize it? :D

Vanity plate? :ducking: :p

V locity
06-16-13, 10:22 PM
Again, beautiful pics! Just wait til stage two mods... ;)

06-17-13, 10:01 AM
Nice pics, what mods did you do? I'm assuming pulleys, headers, catback? Which brand etc? How did it dyno?

06-17-13, 07:11 PM
Kooks Ceramic Coated Headers, Green Cat X-Pipe to Stock Mufflers, 2.5" Upper Pulley, Solid Isolator, ID 850s, Airaid CAI, Saikou Michi Dual Catch Cans
Eibach Springs, MSD Wires, Plugs, DynoSpeed HX, Tuned by Dynospeed, Full Frontal Wrap, TN Legal Tint

530 / 535 on a very hot, humid Memphis day. Going back for new heat exchanger this week and another pull. Hoping for 560.