: vibration at 75-85mph..

02-04-05, 05:01 PM
once i get to about 90 mph the vibration goes away, other then that she's tip top. smooth all around. cant be my rear. how do i fix that...i thought it was tire balencing, but the dealer said they were good..:hmm:

02-04-05, 05:14 PM
I also had that, I had it from 66-74 mph. My service rep. fixed it in no time. They have a service bulletin on it. It was something to do with the driveshaft angle? Well, it's fixed now with no vibes at all, at any speed..

Good luck,

Rich H
02-04-05, 09:42 PM
Vibration due to "driveshaft angle"? Never heard of that TSB for the V. It is usually something to do with tire/wheel balancing. My dealer fixed my vibration @ 65 to 75 mph by replacing all 4 tires and wheels - couldn't balance them for some reason. Although not perfect - much better.

02-08-05, 12:01 AM
Dealer said...Don't speed! Then they balanced my tires. All gone.

Harley Guy
02-08-05, 07:21 AM
The service bulletin has to do with drive shaft alignment. I had the same vibration. The performed the drive shaft alignment and rebalanced the tires. They reduced the vibration and it moved into the 85 – 90 range from 75 – 80. At this point I am going to leave it. I usually cruse at about 80 so I am out of the vibration zone. When I am now in the zone I am usually passing through (quickly:devil: ). I don’t feel any vibration from 90 on up with the possible exception of the pounding of my hart.:holycrap: