: *Can CUE play Music Videos off of SD?

06-15-13, 09:24 PM
I was wondering if CUE with NAV can play .m4v Music Videos and Movies off of the SD Card? I saw a brief mention of being capable of playing Video files on SD in the owners manual.. I tried a .m4v and it only played the Audio portion for 13 seconds and then went to an all black screen as soon as the top drop down menu disappeared. It does play my .mp4 Music Videos just fine. But it won't shuffle them. It will only play them one at a selected time and then it will stop. There is also no 1x Video zoom to adjust for different format sizes.

07-04-13, 04:12 PM
Well, you cannot play it with the front SD card slot, but if you get the rear seat entertainment system, which has it's own slot, you can play videos through that SD port. The video will not transfer to the front screen unless you are parked.

05-29-14, 06:49 PM
This configuration works but you may be able to get higher quality.
MPEG-4 (.mp4)
Dimensions: 476x268
Codecs: H/264, AAC


Ok i just got off the live chat with cadillac. here are the specs on what videos you can watch:
Format: MPEG, AVI, DIVX,Playable movie file: .avi, .mpg,.mp4, .divx, .xvid, .wmv.
Playable codec format: divx,xvid, mpeg-1, mpeg-4 (mpg4,mp42, mp43), wmv9 (wmv3)
Max video bitrate:
‐ mpeg-1: 8Mbps
‐ mpeg-4 (mpg4, mp42, mp43):
‐ wmv9: 3 Mbps
‐ divx 3: 3 Mbps
‐ divx 4/5/6: 4.8 Mbps
‐ xvid: 4.5 Mbps

06-03-14, 07:21 PM
I wonder if this will work by connecting a USB hard drive to the USB port.