: HU replacement non bose

06-15-13, 04:11 PM
Hi guys my HU sucks non Bose but I have the little tape adapter for my iPod but the quality is bad. All I read about is Bose replacement but what about non Bose? And when I look up the harness for my car I can't find any. As soon as I get the info bye bye stock HU. Thanks

06-16-13, 12:20 PM
If you are talking about adding that aftermarket thingy that plugs into the CD changer and gives you an AUX input (or maybe even control over the iPod) the CD changer between BOSE and base cars is the same, so if that thing exists and it works then if it works in a BOSE car it will also work in a non-BOSE car.
If you are thinking about replacing the HU with BOSE, forget about it, is way too complicated and expensive (but yes is possible).
If you are looking to add a hard wired AUX input to your non-BOSE HU just follow this link:

06-16-13, 03:27 PM
Well I just want a nice double din unit change all four speakers and add an amplifier, no subs. I know to use the metra kit for the cater for a flush look. But I'm confused on the harness because all I read about is Bose HU when I have a non Bose HU. I do want the steering wheel controls to work mainly for the climate control because I'm sure whatever double din unit I get will come with a remote. I do have a $15 harness from the local sound shop but I don't even want to try that, would rather do it right the first time. So basically wat harness should I get to install a double din HU in a non Bose car?

06-17-13, 01:48 AM
GMOS2 is the one you'll want

06-17-13, 02:46 AM
Thank u sir for the info

06-17-13, 08:30 AM
The Steering Wheel Controls for Climate module have nothing do with the ones for the HU.
The IPC is the module responsible for the steering wheel controls. It converts the analog signal from the steering wheel controls into digital (data line) signal, then signal is addressed to the Climate Control module (for the buttons on the left) and to the HU (for the buttons on the right). You remove the HU there will be nobody to listen on the data buss for the commands addressed to the HU. You will get some IPC related codes, you will get IPC NO DATA, you may have your car alarm triggered out of nothing (even when driving), you may end up with the occasional drained battery, but your Steering Wheel Controls for the climate module will work. As for the Metra kit, flush look my ***, the plastic is very flimsy, the color and the texture is off.
Is your car, you do what you want.

06-17-13, 05:59 PM
So pretty much I have to relocate the HU? If so and there's no way around it that's fine. If the color on the catera kit is off never mind I guess I'll go with the eldo kit or is there something else on the market?


Just talked to crutchfield they recommend the gmrc 03 harness any opinions?

06-25-13, 08:15 PM
Ok I just got my HU. I want to relocate the stock on to the trunk to avoid all the BS. Forget the chimes. I saw a thread that instructed us on how to make the harness extension but I cannot find it now? Where'd it go? 1 more thing I'm not clear on, since the oem harness will be still hooked up I will be takin 12v fused from the battery , and a constant from the window wire and find a chassis ground. Does this sound correct ?

06-25-13, 10:20 PM
On relocate HU, use power and ground from CD changer harness in trunk. Run data lines from front to relocated HU, the purple wires f5 & e5 I believe. Use a HU connector from the junk yard to connect to relocated HU.
For new HU constant comes from harness, 12 volt RAP can come from door wiring. Ground will be through harness also.

06-25-13, 10:31 PM
I have a connector from the junk yard ok I get that now all I need to run is the two purple data cables to the trunk. I also have a cheap $15 dollar harness is that worth using? Probably not because I still need RAP right?

06-25-13, 10:52 PM
If you're talking new harness for HU you are putting in, yes use it so you don't have to back the stock wiring.
I ended up cutting the cables that came with new HU down to make as short as possible. If you don't it is hard to fit all that crap in the dash. Check the Deville section for rodnok's 98 DeVille thread, I put some pics up there on HU install I just finished up a couple weeks ago.

06-25-13, 11:38 PM
Cool man thanks, exactly what I was looking for. My new unit also has a steering wheel wire that I also have to figure out next. Thanks a lot.

07-13-13, 04:52 PM
Got every thing hooked up but I have an issue. I got the yellow wire hooked up onto the oem harness and the red to the door switch. The radio retains memory but occasionally cut off then back on. Also it doesn't cut off when I open the door but about 30 seconds after that it will.


The 12 bolt rap is the yellow wire right

07-13-13, 09:41 PM
Orange wire in harness that you hooked up your yellow wire to is fused output battery for memory(always has power)
The red wire(for rap) is what you ran to door as the factory harness doesn't have 12v wire.
I'm not sure what wire you hooked into the door, but may have been the wrong one. You need to find one that cuts power as soon as you open the door car off. Then you know it's rap controlled.
Cutting on and off is not good and it should be turning off immediately.

07-13-13, 10:49 PM
The cutting on and off was during driving but I just checked the aftermarket harness and the yellow wire was lose. The wire I went to was in the window switch the only wire that was hot and I think it was a brown 16 gauge the smallest wire that was there in the switch. Got a new aftermarket harness and so far so good, no cutting off. The rap wire I will look into tomorrow. I might just run it to the ignition

07-13-13, 11:29 PM
. I don't have diagram in frtont of me or I'd look it up.

07-14-13, 09:14 AM
The large pink wire feeding the window switch is controlled by accessory time delay relay.
Power for mirrors/seats/door switches are constant.
I only see brown being feed for lamp.

07-14-13, 03:36 PM
That makes sense because the unit cuts off when i close the door and the interior lights cut off. I'm on the brown so I'm gonna try the seats and see what happens. Should I have a fuse on this wire?

07-14-13, 04:24 PM
Yes to adding fuse, the seats are hot all the time. Need to use the pink wire going to window controls.

07-15-13, 05:14 PM
I appreciate your help. Everything is working perfect.

07-16-13, 07:31 AM
No problem. Glad it's working properly now.