: Anyone Else have problem with comp drv:

02-04-05, 02:48 AM
Hey guys,

Since i changed from 18's to 20's recently, the second problem i am having is, I can not select competive driving mode any longer? it does not even come up on the screen at all as an option. i have not asked the dealer about it yet, but that is coming, i have oral surgery tomorrow, removing 3 wisdom teeth.. uuhhhg, i hate that crap... Anyway, is there any way to reset the driving modes? I have been looking for a way to troubleshoot this problem, even looked on the caddy site and i can not find nothing about not being able to select competive driving modes.. If anyone has info on this i would be so grateful indeed..

Johnny ;)

02-04-05, 02:53 AM
Probable cause is your TPS missing/error. Check again after resolving this, it's a safety thing that the computer can't help you reach the limits if it doesn't know for sure what's happening with the tires (think of it as just another sensor)...

02-04-05, 03:03 AM
Ahhh, ok.. now i see.. makes sense, cause this did happen about the sametime, i lost all tire pressure readings except front left, then lost comp drv mode selection.. damn.. wheels have sensors though, hmm wonder if that manual reset wit tire pressure would work, and reset the comp mode as well? hmm going to try it now.. let ya know in a few..

Thanx benjet..

later johnny ;)

02-04-05, 04:29 AM
Well, i just tried to reset my tire pressure sensors manually but no go.. The only one that worked was the front left. I got the horn chirp to start the procedure, then let air out the front left first, the horn chirped after about 15 seconds, started on the front right as the manual specified, but it never gave the signal, i let air out for over one minute down to 25psi and no signal.. so hell with it, to the dealer i go.. I just hate taking it in due to it takes forever sometimes to get it back.. thanx for the help and input..

Later, Johnny :)

02-04-05, 07:34 AM
In my experience, the left front tire pressure sensor is the hardest from which to get the "honk" while performing the resetting procedure. Once the LF honks, try letting just a pound or two of air our of the right front, it should chirp the confirmation right away. Repeat for the remaining two tires.

Good luck. :cheers: