: STS-V Hood on CTS-V?

06-15-13, 12:09 PM
A sports car dealership down the road from me has an '06 STS-V same color and everything as my CTS-V...

I love that hood on a STS-V is there any chance that they bolt up?

06-15-13, 12:57 PM
There's no chance that hood would fit a CTS. Here's an aftermarket one that is similar though, and pretty cool. http://www.spectergtr.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=3202010&Product_Code=SWS10409701&Category_Code=C393

06-15-13, 01:20 PM
Are you sure that hood is still available?

Lingenfelter bought Spectre Werkes a while back and they didn't carry all of SW parts forward.

06-15-13, 02:21 PM
Figured... love the look though

06-15-13, 02:25 PM
SW hood is no longer available. But, an aftermarket company did make a run of fiberglass cowl hoods (Extreme Composites).