: 2000 Catera Speaker Problem

02-03-05, 11:46 PM
Okay, someone side-swiped my car while it was parked and I had to take it in to get the entire passenger side replaced. Since I got it back, I've been having problems with the front passenger door speaker. I get a crackling noise, sometimes worse than others. If I turn it off, it crackles for a few seconds after I turn it off. None of the other speakers are making the noise and it seems worse on rougher roads.

Do I need to replace the speaker? If I do, where do I get one?


02-03-05, 11:53 PM
Its easier and WAAYY less expensive to get an aftermarket speaker. There could also be a wiring issue to the speaker.

But it all depends.

Does your car have the bose system?

To add.. have you taken the car back to the shop that replaced the damaged parts and complained about it? Usually they'll repair it.

02-04-05, 03:02 PM
It would definitely be cheaper to get an aftermarket speaker system, and anything is better than the stock speakers.

The Cateras fit 5.4" components up front so I would go with some Orion components, JL components or Eclipse components.