: Northstar Performance rebuilt engine

06-15-13, 10:43 AM
I had Northstar Performance install one of their "factory spec" rebuilt engines in my 1998 STS end Jan 2013.
From day one this engine is using one litre of oil approx. every 350 kms.
Northstar Performance's response has been very limited ignoring the majority of my phone calls, emails or text messenging regarding this engine.
So now I'm looking for an economical way to correct the oil usage which I think is valve seals or offer the STS for sale. No reasonable offer refused.

06-15-13, 10:48 AM
how many kms are on the engine since install

06-15-13, 11:20 AM
Try messaging Jake:


06-15-13, 02:10 PM
Oil usage analysis - blue smoke at startup which clears in several seconds is usually valve stem seals. Blue smoke all the time is usually piston rings, and copious amounts of blue smoke after a forced coast down or long coast down a mountain road is either valve stem seals and/or rings.

Oil drips on the ground is a totally different subject.

Overfilling the oil pan on a Northstar usually leads to excessive oil consumption - you can safely, and to advantage, carry the oil level at the bottom <=== ADD XXXXXXXXXX == area of the dipstick hashmark.

I assume you're using the proper 10W-30 oil in whatever type floats your boat ??? Is the engine babied, or do you regulary run the living stink out of it ?? (Read and study the entire Cadillac Techical Archive way up ^^^ in the top black bar.)

06-15-13, 03:05 PM
there is less than 20,000 kms ,runs good , check eng light on but no codes


don't think I'll be talking to Jake he is the one did rebuild/install

06-15-13, 03:12 PM
as sub says use the lower hash marks on the dip stick and defiantly get ahold of jake. If the check engine light is on it has codes

06-15-13, 03:20 PM
Jake is the one did rebuild and install won't talk to me


lots blue smoke when u coast then accelerate yes using proper oil after rebuilt eng installed drove 700 kms and low oil message came on

06-15-13, 03:46 PM
Maybe if 26 voicemails after 5pm were not left calling me "Joke Wiebe" I might have more courtesy toward you.

No engine will burn a quart in 300 miles unless someone forgot to install the piston rings. You told me all spark plugs came out clean with no build-up. You mentioned no blue smoke when I first asked you. Then changed your mind about that later. I had an oil burning Olds 403 that blew blue smoke constantly and it never one consumed that much oil.

I've dealt with you as far as I will. You've been a problem from the day you showed up at the shop, You've been rude, you blamed us for a leaking power steering line, you blamed us for a leaking oil pressure switch (it happens, it's mechanical, there were no leaks when you left here at all,) you blamed us for a blown radiator hose. It looked to be in good condition, no soft spots. Everything is deemed our fault by people who don't understand we are dealing with older vehicles.

Some people look for trouble and look to nitpick at everything. I will always have customers like you as long as I'm in this business. I'm not in business to make unhappy people happy. I'm in business to fix a widespread problem for those who appreciate it. Plain and simple.

I have nothing more to say. Ignorance and bitterness is not something I'm qualified of repairing. For that you will need to see a professional in a different field.

06-16-13, 11:56 AM
it is your rebuilt engine so you know what you did or didn't do and yes lm very frustrated with your lack of response for 4 1/2 months, you have ignored this problem right from the start. I can prove all the oil .consumed by receipts You have never dealt with any of my problems since I left your shop end Jan.
It appears you hear only what you want to hear and everyone else is to blame. Seems its your way or the highway and when you translate your warranty its 30 feet or 30 seconds. And for my phone call and Cadillac forum its the only way l could any response from you be it good or bad

04-04-14, 06:56 PM
Just wish to inform all that once l provided necessary documents showing oil consumption Jake responded instantly, took my car in, did some tests and found factory default with the PCV valve. He ordered necessary parts and took care of the problem. Jake and l are on good terms once
again. To sum it up l would have no one other than Jake working on my engine and any time in the future if l require engine service Jake Wiebe
Northstar Performance will be the go-to guy.

04-04-14, 08:03 PM
glad to hear. Enjoy that engine

04-04-14, 08:54 PM
Amazing what a little courteous conversation can accomplish. Glad it all work out and thanks for the feedback. Time for a group hug. :grouphug:

04-05-14, 05:56 PM
Thank you Jeramico.

I don't know where you served but I know you have served our country. Thank you for all you have done to keep our land free.

If you ever buy another Cadillac for yourself or a family member; I will remember you when it comes to writing up the invoice. You will be getting a slight discount. I won't promise how much but just mention your name and I won't forget. 2 months from now or 10 years.

Take care-

04-05-14, 07:17 PM
Good to hear this was rectified