View Full Version : Read This, Need Help!!! Egr??? Fpr???

02-03-05, 09:07 PM
I have a 95 Eldo. My car produces a thick white gas smelling exhaust smoke. The car idles very erratic, and takes at least "three times" to start. I witnessed smoke vapors seeping from an area near my EGR. I was told the fuel may be running to rich due to a faulty fuel pressure reg. One day I turned the key and a thick puff of white came from "under the hood". It was to wide spread to trace. The smoke dies down after warm up, but pours if I floor the gas while driving (sometimes). I love Caddys to much to hate em, but i'm getting impatient. HELP ME!!! :banghead:

02-03-05, 09:23 PM
sounds like a head gasket. Burning coolant is known to cause white smoke. Have a good shop check it out for you, just to make sure.

02-04-05, 11:11 AM
So if they told you it was a fuel pressure regulator, why didn't you do anything about it? It sounds exactly like an FPR problem. Fix that first and then come back and tell us what happened.

The FPR is on the fuel rail. It's the only part on the fuel rail that has a vacuum hose connected to it. Start the engine and pull off the vacuum line. If you see gas coming out of the vacuum nipple of the FPR after a couple minutes, it's bad and needs to be replaced. Start there.

Geno Castellano
02-04-05, 04:04 PM
It isn't likely coolant it's excess fuel from the fuel pressure regulator or an injector stuck open. Excess fuel will make tons of white smoke. Slightly rich conditions make black exhaust smoke but way rich makes white smoke.

Pull the vacuum line off the FPR while the engine is idling and see if fuel comes out the vacuum nipple on the FPR. If not, it may be an injector stuck open. Snap the fuel rail loose, lift the rail up so the injectors clear the manifold bungs and have someone turn on the key to energize the fuel pump. Watch the injector tips to see which one(s) spray fuel. Those are stuck and need replacement. Likely the FPR.

Why are you getting upset and impatient. Fix the problem. Continuing to drive the car like that is going to ruin the engine. Replace the FPR. Do you think it's going to heal itself or fix itself?

When you're done repairing it change the oil and filter as the oil is likely full of fuel and diluted.