: One week with a 01 ETC

02-03-05, 09:06 PM
Well it's been one week with my first caddy a 01 ETC with 31 thousand on it .
All i can say after 20 years of driving V6's is WOW.
as soon as the weather breaks and I get it cleened up I'll post pics .

02-04-05, 01:38 AM
Welcome aboard! And thank you for signing up! I know what you mean. I had faster cars than my ETC before I owned mine (a 95), but couldn't believe how amazing it felt to drive it compared to anything else...

02-04-05, 08:51 AM
Welcome Bob!

Thats quite a change from V6! Good luck with your Eldo, sounds very nice! I know what you mean mine is all dirty, too cold to wax :madtalkin :crybaby: I can'y wait for spring and waxing temperatures. Four more inches of snow overnight. Thanks for joining the forum.

02-06-05, 01:17 PM
Update took a trip yesterday and got 25 mpg at 75 mph not to shabby I think .