: Pfadt performace cat less down pipe!

06-14-13, 02:24 PM
I have been lucky enough to test out the Pfadt Performance cat less down pipe for about the past month, and all I can say is yes!!! when I fist recived the product I was sold on their craftmanship based on nothing more than the beautiful welds, but as I went to istall it I realized very quickly that these guys really know what they are doing. Other than being an absolute pain in the ass to get the factory nuts off of the turbo, this install is easy enough for anyone to do in the back yard. I had the luxury of using a lift at the dealership, but the 2 bolts under the vehicle are easy. I wish that I could give a better idea of what this piece has done alone, but we have had issues with an intake I tried out for another company. I can tell you that with the cat less down pipe you will see very little difference in the sound of the vehicle, but the perfomance is great. You will see more mid range power than anywhere else, but it also feels like the turbo spools up much faster. If anyone has questions about it please feel free to respond on here or pm me directly.

Pfadt Engineering
06-14-13, 03:07 PM
Here is a photo of that downpipe. Production pieces will look similar and are in process!116610

06-14-13, 06:28 PM
When can we purchase it??

Pfadt Engineering
06-18-13, 01:45 PM
Nice! We've got these parts being made everyday. Once we get enough to stock our vendors, we'll start shipping things out. In the meantime, we can take a pre-order direct. We've got pricing for the intake system and the downpipe, shoot me a pm