: USA SPEC Sound system...doesnt have scrolling capabilities?

06-14-13, 02:19 PM
So recently swapped my iSimple sound system for a USA spec system for my 2005 Escalade regular. iSimple module was frying prior iPods. To my chagrin thus far, I haven't figured out how to 'scroll' through songs on my stock Nav dashboard.

With the iSimple, I could navigate/scroll to songs, playlists, artists, etc on my iPod via the actual dashboard while the iPod was playing...as opposed to having to use the iPod directly to scroll to songs, playlists, artists, etc while the iPod was playing...haven't figured out how to do that with USA spec yet...if I press Artists or Playlists or Random on the dash, the system then stops playing what it was playing a second ago and picks a random artist, playlist, or song...only way I can scroll thru stuff on my iPod while listening to it is if I set it to 'direct'
mode and do it directly by pressing/scrolling on the iPod itself.

Is it possible to scroll thru songs, playlists, artists, etc on the USA SPEC system via, the 05 Escalade regular dash, similar to my former iSimple system. Is this NOT possible and I have to stick with using the iPod directly?

Thanks in advance. Ask any questions/comments you may have.


06-14-13, 10:04 PM
Did you program the presets? and the dip switches set to off? Check page 8 in the manual or on the USA spec site, that should explain how to control it through the radio.

06-14-13, 11:02 PM
I think I programmed the pre-sets. On the nav, I can select 'Random', which plays all my songs randomly, 'artist', which plays an artist, and 'Playlist', which plays a playlist. However, i cant really navigate to
each and I cant do it while listening to my music...anytime I press a button it stops what was previously playing and plays a random song, artist, playlist, etc.

Hope that makes sense. Any further suggestions?