: 2008 SRX V8 N* Timing Chain Problem

06-14-13, 12:28 PM
Does anyone know if the timing chain problems are occurring on the V8 engines as well as the V6 engines? Considering purchasing a 2008 SRX V8 and have noticed a lot of discussion about problems with the timing chains in the V6 engines. Curious if the problem is also occurring on the V8s.

Thanks and apologize if there is already a thread on this topic.

06-14-13, 02:07 PM
From what I understand it is the V6 only. Ive bought my V8 with 33k and put about 35k miles on my 07.. no timing chain issues, but lots of other little quirks.

06-14-13, 02:45 PM
Timing chain issue is almost specific to the 3.6 so def get the v8 you will be happier in the long run more power and almost the same gas mileage.

06-15-13, 06:50 AM
Make sure you lift the car and check under it for brake line rust and any other issues, tell them to remove the splash shield and look at the transmission cooler line and the radiator for sag, it sags in the middle over time on some, get a history on the car, if it has a ultraview open and close the roof several times, look in the jack compartment for water. There is not enough you can do to make sure your not stuck with a lemon with SRX. If you look on this forum there is not much on performance mods or blings, its al about problems, had I read the forum before buying mine I would not have! Check the spare deployment works

06-15-13, 09:30 AM
Go to page 2 of the thread listing and click on thd thread HOW MANY MILES ON YOUR SRX? I don't think anyone posted they had a timing chain problem with the Northstar V8, not even the high mileage posters. PJ