: 2001 DTS dash pad curling-here is how to get the pad off !

06-14-13, 10:25 AM
to remove the pad on a deville.
first remove front pillar trim and un plug speakers if it is a bose system.
the with a longer thin flat head ,remove center defroster cover.(there are 4 or 5 clips depending on bose system)
remove the 3 bolts that hold pad.
on passenger side pry or pull up on lip of pad(there are 3 slide in clips that hold it down)
on the far driver side, there is a 7mm screw up in there between the vent and pad (i don't know how to get to it,my dash broke under there so it came out)
across instrument cluster there are 4 clips pry up.
once everything is loose on front,pull the cover firmly toward you releasing the two push in pins.
that is it....

good tip on repairing curling edges.....i used my upholstery staple gun and 1/4 inch staples.
the upholstery staples go thru cover and plastic base easily.
some staples show thru the crack between the trim and pad....i bought some sem interior spray paint to match the pad,looks like a new one now!
i dare it to try to curl up again!:cool: