: 1964 deville splutters and stalls when cold

06-14-13, 05:34 AM
Hi all, my 64 deville has been spluttering and stalling recently. Have only noticed this when the car is cold. Any ideas how to adjust the choke / cold enrich?

Also anyone able to she'd light on the yellow and red wires and what they are for? They were disconnected when the car arrived from the USA and can't find any reference to them on the wire diagram. The wires are underneath the air filter

06-21-13, 11:59 PM
Look at your throttle linkage and see if there is a switch with nothing connected. My 1970 has a transmission kickdown switch (which was also disconnected when I got it), which is under the air filter when it's on. That's the only electrical thing I can think of under the air filter or near the carb before emissions. Unless...the temperature and/or oil sensor may be near that area. Mine are on the back of the block.

Or they may go to nothing. They look like relatively new wires. The last owner could have just had a semi horn. Lol

Good luck!

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06-22-13, 12:10 AM
Oh...on the stalling and sputtering when cold...my first guess would be the choke. I'm guessing you have a divorced choke? My 70 has one. I can't find anyone who makes new ones and mine is not adjustable other than bending the linkage (seriously, that's the official method in the manual).

In short...my car does the same thing. Once it is warmed up, all is well. I have not found a solution other than trying to find a different, used choke, installing a manual choke or getting a different carb with an electric choke.

All of that said, I've had similar symptoms with a vacuum leak, timing that's off, old points, etc. you could just need a tune up.


That's my divorced choke. If you have something similar, they change over time. The coil rusts, warps, sticks, etc. eventually, it just doesn't "choke" enough.

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02-10-14, 05:40 PM
Its been a while since I updated the above issue... Anyway the spluttering and stalling was a result of a completely clogged up fuel system. I replaced the filter, lines, tank, etc. She ran beautifully after this!