: Lindsay Cadillac- Alexandria, Va

02-03-05, 11:21 AM
Lindsay Cadillac in Alexandria, Va.. Very nice service department. Never had any issues with them.. However, They probably have my face up on the service departments office. Had alot minor problems with the car. But overall the dealer has been great. :D

02-04-05, 01:43 AM
I had a terrible experience with lindsay initially but i realized that i just had a crappy service advisor who didn't have any intention of helping me out. After i switched to Dwayne Hopkins, service has been great ever since. I probably would have got rid of my car long ago if it weren't for dwayne. I'm still going to do lemon on my cts but i'm strongly considering another cadillac even after this one.

03-06-06, 07:19 PM
James, from Lindsay, really works in this forums' best interest, and has helped although I will never get and opportunity to take my Cadillac to his dealership...unless, I want to drive across the Unites States! Too bad.

10-11-11, 07:32 PM
Today is exactly 4 weeks since I sent this letter via Lindsay Cadillac's website as well via the online survey I received after having my car serviced there on 09/20/11. To date there has been no response:

I purchased my 2007 Cadillac CTS from Lindsay Cadillac in September 2007 as a birthday present for myself and - as a loyal Lindsay customer - have always brought my car into the Lindsay dealership for any routine maintenance and state inspections. In the 4 years I have owned the car, I have always been pleased with the level of attention and timely service that I have received, but today I am writing to let you know that my experience with today's service has been extremely disappointing.

I scheduled a service appointment for 7:15 AM this morning to get my Virginia state inspection done as well as to address a safety recall that was issued for my car (this is the 3rd safety recall in 4 years). I got to the dealership around 7:20 and met with Gino. After waiting for him to finish up something on his computer, there was no "Good morning" or greeting of any kind; this was odd considering the other service consultants I've dealt with in the past have always been very engaging and courteous.

Gino then proceeded to walk out to the car, gave it a once-over, then went back to his station and filled out the paperwork to start work on my car. I asked Gino how long he estimated it would take for the recall work to be done. He replied "a few hours, probably 3 at the most". The recall notice stated that the work would take
"approximately 45 minutes" but that it may take longer. I had given notice at work that I would be in late since my car was in the shop, so I elected to stay at the dealership till the work was done, given Gino's estimate.

Around 12:30 PM (5 hours after I arrived at the dealership and 2 hours after I was told the work would be done), Gino came to the customer lounge and tells me that my car would not pass inspection unless the right brake light bulb is replaced at a cost of $130. I was shocked to hear that a bulb (not the housing, but the BULB) would cost that much to replace. I informed Gino that $130 is far too much to pay for a bulb and I even told Gino I was capable of replacing the bulb myself and even told him how it is done (open the trunk, removing the liner, unplug the light assembly, etc.). He replied that he would "see what he could do about the cost." And he also pointed out several other items that were considered cautionary (air filter/fuel filter replacement) and I informed him that I did not want that work done at this time.

Around 2pm, another service consultant (I believe his name was Craig) comes up to me and informs me that Gino went to lunch and asked him to check on the status of my service. At this point I'm beyond frustrated from sitting in the lounge for nearly 6 1/2 hours. He informs me that the service recall work is complete but that the headlights require alignment to pass inspection. I asked what the status of the tail light was and he told me that I would only be charged for a 1/2 hour of labor ($65) as opposed to what was originally presented to me ($130). At this point, I'm at my wits end and tell the consultant to go ahead and realign the headlights just so I can get out of here. What I thought was supposed to be a routine $16 inspection turned out to cost me $128! Finally around 2:30 I was informed by the other consultant that my car was ready...an entire 7 hours after I got to the dealership. When I expressed my frustration for having to pay a ridiculous amount of money for a burnt out tail light, Gino then knocked the total cost down to $108. While I can appreciate the gesture, a $20 discount far from makes up for the time I spent waiting for my car, especially when I was one of the first ones to arrive for service this morning. Add to that, I missed an entire day of work and had to use my leave. If I had known the work would have taken all day, I would have made arrangements to get to work and come back later.

This service experience has left me with the impression that safety recalls are not a high priority to your service staff or techs and that because the work is done for free, your establishment has to find some ways to gouge me out of my money just so that you can say you made some profit. I am beyond frustrated with this experience and am considering selling or trading my Cadillac just so that I don't have to endure this type of aggravation again.

Huey Driver
10-17-11, 02:02 PM
I guess this is one of the things that worries me. As a (soon to be) new Cadillac owner, I dont expect everyone to kiss my, errr, ring, but I do want to be treated well and with respect. That includes not offending me by telling me my blinker fluid is low!
I know dealerships understand this, but I get so frustrated with a problem service writer. He/she is the face of the dealership (post-sales). They make or break the follow-on relationship. I can take or leave the 'Good Morning' greeting, but need the occasional 'yes, sir' thrown in with a genuine effort to make me feel comfortable and appreciated (just as much as I appreciate the work they do). I dont even expect them to know everything; one of my best service writers was a guy that always had his lead tech come out to explain things to me. Its not just a dealership either. I had to argue with a guy at the tire store that was trying to measure my tire tread depth by putting the gauge ON the treadwear indicator. The sad thing was, he wasnt trying to rip me off, he just didnt know.

I'm so nervous about stepping into this because I am afraid to be disappointed. Everyone has bad days, and I'm real easy to get along with, but I am going to expect a lot more of a Cadillac service writer than I got at the local Chevy dealer, and since they were pretty good, he'll have some shoes to fill. My relationship with the showroom is over once I get the keys. I want a dealer I can trust, and that (if possible) I am happy to go to... Even getting a chance to wander the showroom floor while my service is done... :-)