: JL Freed Cadillac, Lansdale PA

02-03-05, 09:47 AM
I can't speak specifically to the dealership, as I haven't had any service performed on my vehicle at this time.

However, Ted Sobel, the salesman, should be a poster boy for how Cadillacs should be sold.

Professional without arrogance, knowledgable without the use of arcane jargon, always returned phone calls promptly and never tried to act like my buddy. I felt like I was talking to a representative of Cadillac, which was a refreshing change from how most salesman come across.

So I give Freed a thumbsup, but I'll reserve further comments until after I have some face time with the service dept.

02-17-05, 07:42 PM
I'll second the comments on steller sales experience. I bought an 05 Honda Odyssey from them, and my salesman, Bill Holman, was tremendous; truly the best sales experience I've had. I have been talking to him about the V (he also sells the Caddys), and I am struggling on whether to wait for the 06 or jump on an 05. Decision willbe made once the stats on the 06 are released (LS2 possiblility, any other changes)- my guess is at the NY auto show in late March.