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06-13-13, 05:03 PM
I have had considerable problems with CUE display of contact lists, especially those that have been updated. After a torturous time with my computers looking at Apple's Address book files, I discovered that the CUE software is quite data sensitive (a bug):

1. The designers believe all contacts must have phone numbers. OH, you say that you are using one or all contacts just for navigation destinations? Tough. They think of the contact list as a PHONE LISTING. If you delete phone numbers you will get unpredictable results (like missing contacts). If you edit them in or out of a given contact, the next contact may no longer be displayed.

2. There is no way to control what field the software sorts upon (in my belief), nor is there a way to select whether to select the display order of a name, last then first, first then last, etc.

So if you have any of these problems, make sure the contact list source is clean, make sure you delete the phone, then repair the phone with CUE. That may help a little in displaying your contents correctly.:suspect:


06-19-13, 09:18 AM
The OP's last sentence is spot on.
I updated my Google contacts prior to a 5 day mini vacation which included all the restaurants I made reservations for. Google contacts synced to my Samsung GS4 and I thought I was good to go. Not. Upon my trying to pull up the first restaurant it was not there. I had not read the above post yet so I called CUE who advised to un-pair devices, reboot the phone and then repair. Pain in the a.. but that was the fix. Home now and after deleting contacts that were no longer needed went through the process again. Seems to me that CUE should just display whatever is in the phone when they pair at start-up provided Bluetooth is enabled.